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At Stable Sounds we want to help our clients create music that not only sells their product or project, but also moves their audience. In today’s world, the market for quality and original content is competitive, and hardly painless. Agencies and directors can spend copious amounts of time scouting the right talent to compose for their films and productions. Instead of searching for all the missing pieces, we bring the puzzle to you. All the musical talent you need, for whatever you want to create, in one place. See explanation of our services below.


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We create music for everything. With our musical and technical expertise, we combine our talents with the client’s creative vision to develop sounds that elevate the auditory experience. Our goal is to sonically inspire and move our client’s audience while perfectly complementing their visual story.
We offer many services to fufill all of your musical desires.

  • Composition and Songwriting
    • Need a song for commercial, game or film? Are you a label looking for new music for your performer to sing? We have a library of music ready to go and also do custom composing to fit your project.
  • Mixing and Mastering
    • We provide high quality editing, mixing, and mastering for various projects.
  • Voiceovers and Talent
    • We have a directory of skilled singers, actors, and musicians at your disposal.


Stable was created by Ola Palsson and Ludwig Jonsson. The two come from opposite ends of Sweden, where they never crossed paths until they both found themselves in LA pursuing music from opposing ends of the spectrum: Ola came from punk and indie roots, where Ludwig started in the world of electronica. With a combined musical experience of over 20+ years, the two make a powerful composition and scoring duo. Whether they are tasked with creating ambient sounds, hip hop or a powerful rock anthem, they are always up for the challenge. Ola’s skills fall within the mastery of multiple instruments (including his powerful voice), Ludwig’s expertise landing in production, mixing and voiceover acting. Both are melodically and lyrically talented songwriters. Their abilities balance one another and display a certain synergy that make them the ultimate one stop shop. Also, did we mention they started this really cool band?


We are currently based out of Los Angeles and Stockholm. We work with many diverse clients globally, in all facets of production, marketing, and advertising.

Our hours are M - F 9:00am - 5:30pm PST / Malibu, California, USA - Stockholm, Sweden
Click here to email us for more information or call us at +1 424 259 1277